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Where to fry spanish croquettes

Croquettes are a product that always triumphs in every restaurant in the world where they are served (not to mention in Spain). We sell croquettes to distributors abroad and we can tell you that when someone tastes them, they are speechless with how tasty they are.

Today we are going to answer many of those questions that any businessman who does not know this product may be wondering.

Containers for frying good homemade croquettes

There are several options when it comes to browning a croquette, depending on whether we use oil or not.

First of all, we must say that in our opinion, a classic croquette should always be fried in plenty of hot oil.

Afterwards, we will remove any excess oil with absorbent paper, but the traditional recipe is like this.

As our grandmother used to say!

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Cooking spanish croquettes WITH oil

  • Fryer: this is an electric appliance used to fry food with abundant oil. It is shaped like a deep frying pan with a metal basket in which to place the product to be cooked. It can be used to make croquettes, chips, churros, calamari, etc.


  • Frying pan: this is a kitchen utensil that we use on the glass-ceramic hob to sauté or fry food, using oil or butter. It has a handle for easy handling. Frying croquettes in a frying pan is very common at home.

 frying pan

  • Saucepan: this is a tall but not very wide metal container used to heat or cook food. It can also be used as a deep fryer because of its shape. It has a handle to handle it.


Cooking spanish croquettes WITHOUT oil

  • Oil-free fryer: this type of machine heats air quickly so that the food in question is cooked. The croquette would be cooked with the aforementioned heat.

 air fryer

  • Oven: this appliance heats or cooks food. We recommend pouring a little extra virgin olive oil over each croquette and placing them on baking paper.

 electric oven

  • Microwave: another option that some people choose is to use this electric appliance. What it does is emit electromagnetic waves with which the croquettes are cooked. Here you should also put a few drops of oil on top of each croquette.


In cases where you opt for cooking without oil for frying, you should be aware that the appearance of the croquette is not very appetising in some cases.

When we fry the croquettes in oil, the batter is crispy, which is not the case when we bake them in the oven.


Time for frying croquettes depending on the container

Here we are going to explain how to fry frozen croquettes or croquettes that have been previously defrosted.

Straight from the freezer

If you are going to take a croquette directly from the freezer to eat it, you should know that the frying time will be longer.

  • Fryer / Frying pan / Saucepan: add a large amount of hot oil at 180-190ºC for 2-3 minutes, until the croquettes are golden brown. The croquettes should be submerged.


  • Oven: preheat the oven to 200ºC and they will take about 15-20 minutes to bake. When half of the time has passed, each croquette should be turned over, so that they are cooked on both sides.


  • Microwave: to fry frozen croquettes in the microwave, set the timer on the appliance for 3 minutes.


Defrosting beforehand

If we want to defrost them before making them, we must take them out of the freezer 30 minutes before.

  • Fryer / Frying pan / Saucepan: put plenty of hot oil 180-190ºC for 1 minute, until the croquettes are golden brown.

 frying pan

  • Oven: preheat the oven to 200ºC and they will take a little less time to cook. Remember to turn them over halfway through so that they brown on both sides.